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Stebnitz Builders is a full-service, design-build remodeling firm operating in and around Walworth County and Northern Il. Instead of listing the hundreds of different services we offer, we decided to give you the highlights. Have another project in mind that’s not listed below? Chances are pretty good we do that, too. One phone call will confirm whether we are a fit for you and your home’s needs. – Read More here

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Home Remodeling Delavan, WI

How's Your Home's First Impression? Home Remodeling with Stebnitz Builders, Delavan, WI

When it comes to first impressions, your home's can be just as important as yours is. My good friend Michael Menn blogged about the importance of a home's first impression here.

Think about it. When you are interviewing for a job, or calling on a prospective client, you always try to look your best. Your hair is in place; clothes are clean and neat. Because your appearance is the first thing people notice; that’s what creates the first impression. If you do not look right, it creates a negative impression, and your perceived value immediately goes down.

The same holds true with your house. When people drive up to your home for the first time, whether they are coming to visit or perhaps thinking about buying your house, that first nanosecond is critical. If the exterior is in disrepair, or if the landscaping is poor, it immediately creates a negative impression.

If your home is in need of a stronger first impression, call Stebnitz Builders for a FREE Feasibility Walkthrough to determine the best course of action with the most value for you at (800) 410-8027. From Whitewater to Delavan Lake and Lake Geneva areas all the way south as far as Lake In The Hills, Il, Stebnitz Builders would be honored to present our process  and become your remodeler of choice.

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