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Warmest Holiday Greetings!

Keeping you up to speed on what’s happening here at Stebnitz Builders is something we feel is important and as I look at the thermometer’s reading of 5-degrees, I felt today was the perfect day to stay in front of the computer and drop you a note.

From the business viewpoint, 2010 was another interesting year that required a strong business focus to continue providing the high level of professionalism and wonderful experience our clients have come to expect in every project we complete. We continued to add some great new clients to the well over 1,000 Stebnitz Builders-believing family of clients. Along with the new clients we welcomed on board, we were honored to be asked back in to the homes of many previous clients to complete a new phase in their home’s life. In a year when people took extra precaution on how they spent their hard-earned money, we were humbled that so many chose to invest in their homes by placing their trust in Stebnitz Builders. Thank you to all who made Stebnitz Builders their contractor of choice this year and all of the past 38 years we’ve been in business. We look forward to a great year in 2011.

From a personal standpoint, 2010 has been a great year for Dan and me. Dan and his fiancée, Cindy were married in August in a very cool backyard ceremony that had all the makings of a “tikki hut/ beach party”, including the sand dance floor, tikki torches, palm trees and Hawaiian shirts and leis to top it off. We are all happy to have Cindy and Shorty (Cindy’s dog) joining the family. Cindy and Dan are a great match together.

On December 8th, I celebrated my 40th birthday with a surprise party (thanks Jill) and many surprise events throughout the day – like my good buddy Greg sending out an email chain to all of our friends to text me happy birthday and pass it on. By day’s end, I was well over 150 birthday well-wishes. Thankfully I’ve got unlimited texting.

 Jill and I have been busy this year getting the boys (Sam 11, Mason 9 and Grady 7) to their many football, baseball and basketball practices and games. I’m not sure how we pulled off the feat of having me coach all of their teams, but it was time I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’ve been very blessed to have three great boys and a wonderful – and understanding – wife and friend.

We’d love to hear how you’ve been and what’s new in your life. If you get a chance, drop us an email, letter or give us a call. 

From Dan and me and everyone here at Stebnitz Builders, we wish you the very best this holiday season and a healthy and happy 2011.

Merry Christmas! 


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