Ingredients That Make For A Great Remodeling Experience



After the New Year, our focus quickly turns from the holiday season to the next big event. For our team, that big event is our Super Bowl of Chili Cook-Off! Members of our team masterfully create their best chili recipe for judging and compete for the honor of "Best Tasting", "Most Creative" (as determined by a panel of volunteer judges from Thrivent Financial), and "People's Choice" awards (as determined by our team and those joining us for the event). The event is also held to raise funds for one of our favorite organizations, United Way of Walworth County. Thanks to our partners at Thrivent Financial, we're able to raise much-needed funds for an organization supporting over 44 agencies across our county. We have a great time doing it!




Here is a recap video from this year, to give you an idea of the fun we have!




Since chili has been on our minds recently, I thought it might be fun to compare the process of making an award-winning chili to the remodeling process our team provides here at Stebnitz Builders. Let's take a look at the "ingredients" that go into a memorable remodeling experience.


Choosing Your Recipe:


Some recipes are passed down through generations, some are borrowed from a friend, and some people (like me) don't know how to cook so they trust the internet to provide them with a winning recipe. No matter where it comes from, the recipe you choose will determine the experience you have preparing your chili as well as its chances of bringing home an award.





Like understanding which award category you're considering and the best ingredients required for the chili to claim it, our goal is to understand the type of experience you're looking for in the remodeling process, as there are many different ways to remodel your home. We begin this discovery immediately during the first phone call or meeting with our clients. At the top of our list, is to understand your goals and expectations for the project and, equally important, what you are looking for in a remodeling company. It's only through that discovery that we determine whether our process is the best process for you. Starting on the same page is critical to delivering that experience.


Cooking Your Protein:


Ground beef, turkey, chicken, Italian sausage, bacon? All of these options are common in chili, but the choice of protein sets the stage for the remainder of the recipe. 


Your first consultation is much like choosing the protein of the chili. We ask a great deal of questions to understand you, your home and the experience you're anticipating throughout. If we both feel like we'd be a good fit for your project, based on that conversation, we will formulate a plan to move forward.


The Secret Is In The Spices


The taste in every chili rarely comes from just one spice. There's often a very "scientific" process behind obtaining that flavor. The chili I entered, for example, included chili powder, cumin, cayenne, oregano, unsweetened cocoa, allspice, and thyme. Those ingredients all work together to create a unique and rather tasty chili.




In the remodeling process - for any sized project - there are many moving parts needed to complete the project with the perfect experience. Like the spices in my chili, our team collaborates with designers, trade partners, and suppliers to help you make decisions that are best for you and your project all while managing a schedule that dovetails the efficient completion of the project while maintaining a consideration for your timeline.


The "X Factor"


As our team talked about their recipes, everybody had something special they added or a cooking technique that added a different flare. My special ingredient was Dr. Pepper.




Our secret ingredient at Stebnitz Builders is our commitment to procedural listening. Procedural listening is a strategy our team uses throughout the entire process which ensures we capture everything you wish us to know about your goals and your project. We take copious notes on the project and ask all the right questions to completely understand the project moving forward. These details are then passed along throughout the entire process to ensure we capture those goals completely while delivering you your project and experience.


Taste Testing


Once you're done mixing the ingredients, it's important to taste your chili. Does it have the perfect balance of all ingredients? Have you created something special - worthy of the judge's vote?


Once your project is complete, it often takes some time to live in the new space and "test it out" to fully understand if you hit the bullseye. After living in it, our clients are have fallen in love with their new space. On a rare occasion, though, our clients find something that just didn't turn out as they'd hoped or performs as they'd envisioned. This is why we offer a 5-Year warranty on every project we complete. We make sure our quality and the performance of our product stand the test of time. The longevity of our warranty provides our clients the confidence that should something go wrong, we'll be there to correct it.


Take Your Time


The best chili is not just thrown together. Some of the best-tasting recipes are carefully crafted, refrigerated and allowed to "cure" before reheating and serving. The truth is, the longer your chili sits, the more the flavor intensifies. On the morning of our competition, the crockpots are lined up, the temperatures set to simmer, and in no time, the office is filled with the unmistakable, bold aroma of championship chili. Your mouth instantly begins to water as you come through the door!



The same principles are true for the remodeling process. It takes time to complete a remodeling project. You are investing significant time and financial resources into one of your largest investments. You want to be completely certain you're making the best choice, not only for your home but for those who will enjoy it for years to come. Our design team provides you with that time of preparation guiding you through those decisions, while our talented team of carpenters and trades professionals follow those plans with meticulous detail and craftsmanship to ensure your house not only affords you the lifestyle you'd hoped for but is a destination you're proud to call home!

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