Avoid Drawing a Blank: Why Work with a Design-Build Contractor?



One of the most exciting aspects of the remodeling process is putting all of your ideas and goals into a design for your home. One of the least exciting parts of the remodeling process is the reality of the budget your design plans garner. Our process uses effective communication and procedural listening to ensure the investment you make into your design translates to your home.


A typical avenue homeowners use in the remodeling process is hiring an independent architect or designer to create their plans prior to getting bids from contractors. Designers and architects will help you through most stages of the design process, but they are unable to provide the aspect of the process that maintains reality: a realistic budget. 



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This is where designing your remodel with a trusted contractor offers you an advantage!


As a design-build general contractor, one of the services we offer is helping clients through the project development process. Our Remodeling Consultants assist in drawing plans, creating realistic renderings, and guiding selections. Your design team will be with you every step of the way and will work in unison with our production team to ensure all your goals are met.


Our process works because we are upfront about potential budget concerns from the first phone call or meeting. When you contact us about a remodel, our Brand Manager Sam Stebnitz, listens to the goals and considerations of your remodel. While doing that, he takes notes and gathers as many facts about your project as he can. 


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During that conversation, he also talks about the experience of working with Stebnitz Builders and what you should expect during the process. After you are confident that our company is the right fit for your remodel, he takes the information from the phone call and meets with our estimator, Dan Stebnitz, to discuss your project. 


That conversation produces a ballpark range, and Sam calls you back to discuss that number and assess if you are comfortable moving forward. If you are comfortable, you move down the process to talk to our president, Chris Stebnitz, and he makes the final decision if we are the right fit to work together as client and remodeler. If we are a good fit, Chris will schedule your first appointment with your remodeling consultant.


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At this point you have heard our realistic ballpark range twice and you are prepared for the reality of the cost of your project. When your remodeling consultant visits your home, they develop a more clear understanding of your project and goals, and they offer solutions that meet those goals. These solutions are highlighted in a scope and budget document that is sent out following the meeting.


These steps are taken before our Project Development Agreement (PDA) is sent. You can read more about our PDA by visiting this page on our website. This agreement includes a design fee, and creates a commitment between remodeler and client to design a project to the agreed upon scope of work within the ballpark budget we have given you. Transparency before fees gives our clients the confidence to begin developing their project.



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The benefit of working with Stebnitz Builders trough the entire process is realistic communication throughout the project. You deserve to know that what you are investing in, is something that will work within your budget while accomplishing your goals.

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