Meet Our New Youth Apprentice: Logan Lindloff


The Youth Apprenticeship program offers an excellent partnership between Stebnitz Builders and local high schools to help students experience the home improvement industry as an option for their career path. In the last few years, we sponsored two apprentices, one of which joined our team, following graduation.


The program has been mutually beneficial for both the students and our team. Students receive a low-risk opportunity to explore a new career option and experience the remodeling industry at a deeper level, working hands-on, alongside our award-winning staff and Stebnitz Builders continues to build a stronger connection with our area high schools to promote the profession and build the future of our team.


Logan Joined our Youth Apprentice Program this June, as a student from Williams Bay High School and is our first student from WBHS to join the program. Logan will be entering his Junior year of high school this fall and looks to continue his participation in multiple sports including football, baseball, and basketball


Logan was first introduced to the building trades by his grandfather. After hearing about our program, he wanted to build on the experiences he'd received from his grandfather and possibly make this his career. If his fall schedule allows, he will continue working with our team part days and earning school credit. Logan is excited for the opportunity to work in the Youth Apprenticeship Program and gain the experience to be a master carpenter someday.


We are excited to have Logan join our team for the summer and look forward to the skills he masters throughout our program!

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