Prepare Your Home for Summer - A Checklist to Help Ensure a Worry-Free Summer in Your Home



We are lucky to experience all the benefits of having four seasons in Wisconsin. However, the beautiful snow that allows us to engage in all sorts of winter activities can have lasting effects on your home. Luckily, there are some simple home maintenance steps you can take to make sure your home is ready for this summer.


Let's go over some basic things to check to ensure a fresh start to spring and a seamless transition to summer


Lawn Care and Landscaping


The most simple form of maintenance starts with your yard and the surrounding landscaping. It is important to pick up any of the lawn cuttings, leaves, and limbs that were left over from last fall and buried under the snow for the past four months. You should also apply a new layer of mulch to protect your plants and flowerbeds during the summer months.


If you are planning to hire a lawn care service to maintain your landscaping, beat the rush and call for your home to be added to their new client list or to renew your contract as soon as possible. Landscapers are flooded with new requests and waiting too long could leave you without the help you need.


It will also be time to bring out the lawn tools to maintain your newly-awakened lawn after the April showers. It is a good idea to give your lawnmower a checkup to make sure everything will work correctly when you use it for the first time. You don't want to add more to the chore. Ensure the blade is sharpened to ensure the best cuts to your lawn. It may also be wise to send your mower in for an annual tune-up, which would ensure it is running optimally this summer and, ultimately, prolong the life of your mower.




Examining the Exterior


The most simple, but effective, way to ensure your home is in good condition after the winter is to give it a good once-over. Walk around the entire home to check the concrete, driveway, foundation, and roof. With a critical eye, you can spot any areas of concern that may require the help of a professional. Looking for those issues can put you out in front of any larger, future problems that will inevitably cost more down the line than it would cost to fix today.


Another great springtime tip is to clean the debris from your gutters. With the heavier rainwater coming down during the spring, it is good to have a fresh start for your gutters. This will help ensure there is no pooling of water near your roof, siding, or foundation, and it could save you future repair costs or hardship from the water damage caused by those situations.


Next, take a look at the exterior of your home to determine the integrity of the paint. Has it chipped or begun to fade away? If you determine your home needs a new paint job, it's critical to get started in the spring in order to have it completed by summer. Maybe a full repaint isn't needed with your exterior. Maybe, you just need to give your siding a quick cleaning. Usually, there is no need to rent a pressure washer, so just use your garden hose and attach a siding cleaning kit and say goodbye to that layer of winter grime.


Don't forget to make sure your deck is ready to entertain this summer, as it has probably collected some winter wear, as well. Make sure to spray and rinse with soapy water before scrubbing it with a broom, then let it dry before staining and sealing it.




Inspecting the Interior


The first thing you will want to check is the effect the winter months had on your plumbing. Checking underneath your sinks and looking for water damage on your ceilings is a great way to tell if there has been damage. Getting that taken care of right away will save you on future renovation expenses.


You should also check your sump pump to ensure that it is draining properly, away from your home. If our property experiences a large storm or a string of rainy days, a properly-functioning sump pump will keep your home dry, collecting the water from your home's drain tiles and directing it out, away from the home. Flooding can lead to serious long-term damage, especially if it's not caught immediately. Planning ahead helps ensure your valuable time over the summer will not be jeopardized by water issues in and around your home.


While you are checking on things, it is also a great time to change the batteries in all your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. These batteries need to be changed yearly, and springtime is the perfect time for a fresh new battery. 


Don't miss out on any of the wonderful opportunities summer brings us because of issues with your home or landscaping. If you have any questions regarding the health of your home or its preparedness for the summer months, call us for a review. We will identify any problem areas and put together a plan of things that should be done right away and those tasks that can wait until after summer.



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