Sam Stebnitz Joins the Team

In third grade, I was asked about my dream job. Immediately, I answered, “I want to work for my family business!” As I grew up, my aspirations changed, but I still felt a pull towards my childhood goals. When I got to college, I made the decision to pursue a career in teaching, so I set my sights on a master’s degree in secondary education. Although I am looking forward to the possibilities that a career in teaching can bring me, I received an offer for the summer that I just couldnt refuse. The opportunity had opened for a new position working for Stebnitz Builders as the Marketing Coordinator. I took this opportunity and fulfilled the dream of working for the family business. 

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My position with Stebnitz Builders gives me the flexibility to learn about all facets of the business and gain experience with their many different marketing tools. The position also allows me to interact with a new network of team members and our clients. I am excited to build relationships that will last well beyond this summer. When I am not working on projects in the office, you will find me traveling to job sites to take pictures and video footage of the progress. I will also be interviewing our clients to gain a deeper insight into their remodeling experience working with Stebnitz Builders. I am very excited to see what this summer brings! 

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