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Stebnitz Builders, Delavan, WI: "Baby it's Cold Outside"

Clients Bob and Jerry from Lake Geneva, spent their 55th wedding anniversary with a dinner out and an evening at the Young Auditorium to see "Simply Sinatra".

Here is the kind of night they had. Needless to say, Sinatra was a hit. Not sure who has the better sense of humor, though. "Sinatra" or Bob.

Hi Chris,
Jerry and I really enjoyed the 'Simply Sinatra' show. Our seats were 3 rows from the front so we didn't miss a note. Before the show we had a nice chat with Dan and his wife. What got our attention during the show was when Steve told the joke about the couple who had been married over 50 years. When he asked how they managed that, the man replied, that each week they always went to dinner for fine wine and food ... except she went on Thursdays while he went on Tuesdays. That got a big laugh from the audience. Since that night was our 55th anniversary, after the show we went down to the lobby to tell him that. He asked if we also go to restaurants on different days, I replied that no, we always go together, but our secret is that Jerry's TV is at one end of the house and mine is at the other end! He laughed and said he might add that to his joke.
We had a very nice dinner at Randy's restaurant and the food & service were excellent. Thanks again for the great evening.

Bob and Jerry

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