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Stebnitz Builders, Delavan, WI: The Electric Sink - A Must See!

Kohler Co. has been on the cutting edge of product development in both functionality and design. Even when they miss on a product, they usually find a way to make pretty good lemonade out of situation - well-built and attractive lemonade. In 1926, Kohler Co. came out with a new product called the "Electric Sink". It was a failure due mainly to the timing of its release, but it certainly paved the way for the success of the modern dishwasher.

What Kohler also does well is keep their history alive by protecting it, learning from it and sharing it.

See the article and some original advertising for the "Electric Sink".

Between the "Electric Sink" era and the "modern dishwasher" era, my parents used to call their dishwasher Chris and Ryan and believe me, failure was not an option. When Ryan and I moved out on our own and my sister (a.k.a. Princess)was left to fend for herself, mom and dad knew it was time to usher in the future by installing a new dishwasher.

Thinking of upgrading your kitchen or looking for design ideas, take a look at a few of the kitchens we've done in the past and for even more ideas, call us at (800) 410-8027 to arrange a visit to our showroom  where even more ideas are available.

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