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Stebnitz Builders is a full-service, design-build remodeling firm operating in and around Walworth County and Northern Il. Instead of listing the hundreds of different services we offer, we decided to give you the highlights. Have another project in mind that’s not listed below? Chances are pretty good we do that, too. One phone call will confirm whether we are a fit for you and your home’s needs. – Read More here

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Home Remodeling Delavan, WI

Home Inspection Project


 After performing a full home energy audit on this pre-1900’s home, we found exactly what we expected – several issues that were contributing to the home’s poor energy efficiency and general discomfort for the family.

Blower Door Home Energy Audit Post-Test video
Watch Video Now (2:10)


After replacing four windows, the water heater, water softener, adding much-needed insulation in the attic and basement, sealing all basement window openings, caulking vents, replacing bathroom vent fans, weatherstripping and caulking old windows and doors not being replaced at this time and adding foam gaskets to all exterior outlets and switches the home’s heat loss dropped by over 20%!


Air Pressure & Venting Home Energy Audit Post-Test video
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These relatively easy and inexpensive fixes will make the home much easier for our clients to keep the home at a comfortable temperature and at a cost that is far less than they had been used to.


Insulation Evaluation Audit Post-Test video
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Working with Focus on EnergyStebnitz Builders has the tools and knowledge to improve any home’s energy efficiency and safety.


Combustion Check Home Energy Audit Post-Test video
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Construction Thermal Scan Home Energy Audit Post-Test video
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Call Stebnitz Builders at (800) 410-8027 for a Free Feasibility Walk-through to determine issues your home may be facing and eliminate those costly heating and cooling bills.

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