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Doughnation Deadline coming - only 40 boxes to go!! - Stebnitz Builders, Delavan WI


Like most of you at some point in your lives, I was given a task by my son’s youth football team to sell cookie dough to raise money for the league – in this case it is his Whitewater Youth Football League, (his first year in a tackle football program). Instead of just buying some and hitting up my family members and friends to buy cookie dough they really didn’t want, we wanted to do something different.

We thought a lot about it and came to a few conclusions:

1)      I don’t need to eat any more cookies!

2)      Many of my family and friends have been approached by other groups for similar requests and they’re probably to the      gills with fundraising foods.

3)      I don’t need to eat any more cookies!

4)      There must be a way that we can help the team without going broke and gaining more weight.

So, my 4th grade son and I decided that we wanted to donate our boxes of dough that we bought to local food pantries, churches, assisted living facilities, etc. As the Chair of the United Way of Walworth County, I  know plenty of agencies that would love to have a bit of sunshine in the uncertain times we’re facing. Forty-six agencies to be exact. The great thing about this opportunity is that not only do the agencies and the folks supported by these agencies receive a nice surprise, but Mason and his brothers, Sam (12) and Grady (8) will have to decide where we deliver and they will actually hand out the boxes themselves.

Cookies are $15 a box and contain 48 pre-portioned dough pucks.

Our goal is to raise over 100 boxes for donation by Thursday August 25th. We’ll take donations of one box to 10 or more boxes per person in order to surpass our goal.  To donate your cookies, simply indicate in an email back to me the number of boxes you want to purchase. Checks should be made out to Whitewater Youth Football League and mailed to me by Thursday, August 25th at:

1102 Ann St, Delavan, WI 53115 

Email your donation order to:

Let me know if you have any questions! Can we raise over 100 boxes for donation by Thursday? My boys believe they can and they are ready to deliver them to some very deserving agencies and the people they serve. I will let you know how many we were able to raise after this weekend.

Thank you in advance for helping my son’s team, helping my children learn a great lesson and for helping bring a treat to so many people in this community.

Chris Stebnitz

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