One Word Wednesday Recap

One Word Wednesday Has Been a Big Hit on Facebook!

It has been a weekly hit on Facebook with great interaction, many creative responses and great winners. Each week we post a fun photo and ask for our fans to come up with one word that best describes the photo. Have fun, be creative and post the best word and you could be a One Word Wednesday WINNER! Keep watching every week for a fun, new photo and a chance to win a prize!

Here are the last ten One Word Wednesday photos and winners:


March 11 - Sue Zellmen, "Clueless"

One dozen truffles from Jack Valley Truffles

March 18 - Ron Gall, "Wrigleys"

 iTunes gift card

March 25 - Jody Lindsay, "SWISH"

$10 Lowe's gift card

April 1 - Brandee Walton, "DoughNOT"

$10 gift certificate to Hernandez Mexican Restaurant

April 8 - Mary Bryson, "Lemondazed"

 Starbuck's gift card

April 15 - Charlie Runyon, "Pinchit!"

 Lowe's gift card

April 22 - Mary Mabry, "Wipeout"

$50 donation, in her name, to Ryan's Rebels

April 29 - Judy Gallup Hopkins, "Reptillissage",

Gift certificate to Hernandez Mexican Restaurant

May 6 - Chris Schlicher, "Quitter!",

$10 iTunes gift card

May 13 - Andrea Bobrowski Van Dyke, "Honed"

Gift certificate to the Coffee Mill in Fontana

Do you have a better one word Wednesday for the photos above?  Reply with your thoughts and comments below!

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