Project Planning: How the End of Summer Can Mean a Start in the Winter



To complete a home improvement project during the winter months can be tough. With our process and schedule, there requires some planning. Take the Smiths, for example,


The Smiths have been enjoying their summer, spending time outside, and creating new memories that will last a lifetime. Their children have been enjoying summer sports and their dog has enjoyed swimming and going for long walks. The family is truly enjoying this summer without a care in the world.




However, the summer always comes to an end and the warm weather activities are replaced with trips to the pumpkin patch and running children to various after-school activities.


IMG_7394 (1)


The Smiths will soon be welcoming family and friends into their home to gather around the TV for a football game! Later in the fall they will be hosting loved ones for their annual Thanksgiving meal, where they will be working hard in the kitchen and utilizing all their living space to entertain!


As they are preparing for these festivities, they realize they want more from their space. They notice inefficiencies that did not affect them when they were spending time on the lake, so they call Stebnitz Builders.




Unfortunately, it is already early October! They talk to Sam Stebnitz about a timeline for their project, in hopes that they may be able to squeeze a project in before Christmas. Sam informs them their team is unable to perform a Christmas miracle, and most likely, after going through the design process, the best the Smiths can hope for is a spring start.


With a spring start, the Smith's project may encroach on their summer, and they do not want to waste any precious summer moments thinking about their remodel. So, the Smith's decide to wait until next year to do their project...



The perfect time to start planning your winter project is NOW!! You will be happy you sacrificed some of your summer peace to plan your remodel to take advantage of the late fall, winter, and early spring here in Southeastern Wisconsin and save your summers!



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