Stebnitz Builders Community Impact Recipients


To end our 50th Anniversary Celebration, we wanted to celebrate the community that has been so integral to our success. We've been so fortunate to work in a community that has supported us throughout our 50 years and three generations of ownership. We decided to give back to our community by asking people to nominate those who've made an impact.


Our goal was to award 50, $50 Kwik Trip gift cards to people those nominated. We asked not only for names but for the stories of how they've impacted the lives of others in our community. We reached our goal of 50 nominations and we've started the process of notifying and handing out those gift cards.


Reading these nominations has been such a moving exercise for us, we wanted to share a few of the stories we received and share that great feeling we've experienced with even more people!


Eryca Card has made an impact on the youth of the community as a teacher in the Elkhorn School District. Currently, she is a 6th Grade Science teacher, but before that, she taught elementary-level kids at Jackson Elementary School. Beyond her job, she is leading a program at the middle school called Loved Beyond Measure. Loved Beyond Measure connects sponsors from the community to students that are in need of extra care and love at any time. This program gives the students acts of kindness and gifts to make their lives easier during difficult times. 


"It's her mission and hope that kids will get through those years (middle school) a bit smoother knowing that they are Loved Beyond Measure!" - Eryca's Nominator


Eryca Card


Bernadette and Eric Russow are actively making our community better by offering our senior community opportunities to experience bike rides while living in senior living communities. Their organization Cycling Without Borders visits seniors where they are to take them out of the facilities to experience nature riding behind a bicycle. Their 31 "pilots" use an electrically powered bike to take two riders on a route that allows them to feel free and have fun.


"We want them to feel the wind on their face and in their hair, without any worries." - Bernadette Russow


Barnadette and Eric Russow


Shelly Higgins is involved in many things that make our community a better place. She was nominated for her work with the Elkhorn Rotary Club where she organized this year's Warm Coats for Kids program, which gives local children coats during the winter season. She also volunteers on a regular basis with the Elkhorn Chamber of Commerce, she is on the Oktoberfest committee, and she helps out with events such as Let It Glow and the Christmas Community Meal. Shelly wants everybody to know there are so many people that make the events she is involved with possible, and she is grateful to be a part of such a connected community.


"She does so many things behind the scenes, and without publicity, for our community." - Shelly's Nominator 


Shelly Higgins


Lewis Lindloff was nominated for his 27-year commitment to the Delavan American Legion where he has served in the roles of Commander, 2nd Vice Commander, Bar and Lounge Manager, Event Chairman, Scholarship Chairperson, and Donations Chairperson. He has always led or supported the Legion's income-raising events, which go towards operation expenses. All additional funds get donated back to the community in the form of donations to veterans, community youth sports, DDHS scholarships, and other community events.


"I would recommend Lewie... not for what he does but for what he has given to the community through the American Legion for the past 27 years." - Lewis' Nominator


 Lewis Lindloff


Jesse Grabowski was nominated for the time and effort she has dedicated to the volunteer Fire and EMS department in our community for the last 15 years. Not only is she providing these services on a volunteer basis, but Jesse is often leaving her family during events such as birthdays and holidays. She sacrifices her time to assist the people that really need it at any moment, which ensures that the members of our community are safe and cared for.


"Any time of the day or night she is willing to leave home, kids, games, and family events to help strangers in their darkest days." - Jesse's Nominator


Jesse Grabowski


Thank you to all our recipients and all those that nominated our recipients! We have appreciated hearing all their stories and being able to thank them for all they do!

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