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Kitchen Warfare??

The Wall Street Journal this morning had an article claiming the kitchen was the venue for the most arguments over any other room in the house. The writer listed things like power struggles, battles of will, lack of communication and even opposing views on things like money and the level of thriftiness on food items. The kitchen was labeled, “a seething caldron of resentment”.


The reason for this, says the writer, is that the kitchen is a place where people are taken care of and a place where people take care of others. It’s a gathering place. It’s become a place of entertainment. Many people are preparing, cooking and cleaning up after three meals a day in the kitchen. That’s a lot of time to be in one spot of the house and a lot of expectations that need to be met on a regular basis.

But, at Stebnitz Builders, we feel the solution to this problem doesn’t have to lead to marital counseling sessions, Rorschach ink blot tests or God-forbid, flying dishes against the wall. People who truly love their kitchens are much less likely to face these problems. In other words, our world would be a much friendlier and peaceful place if people had kitchens they loved.

Kitchens have remained #1 on the list of remodeling projects for as long as the list has been around. It’s also the #1 return on your investment for most homes. It’s the fixture that most people measure a home by – how big is the kitchen, how is it laid out, what are the amenities? Kitchens are the favorite room in the house, followed by master bathrooms and lower-levels/ basements. It should come as no surprise to those who read home/ design magazines. The crown jewel is the kitchen. Many editions and countless pages every week are devoted to this one room in the house. Its cousin, the outdoor kitchen, is also highly touted, but for WI weather, it will probably always take a back seat.

Call our showroom today and discuss your kitchen concerns with our designers. Products and designs are constantly changing and our design team is up to speed with all of them. But, don’t worry. If you’re dealing with your own personal “seething caldron of resentment”, we’re here to help. You can fall in love with your kitchen again.

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