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Pet "Smart" Remodeling? You bet

This came across my desk this afternoon and I just had to pass it on. Pets have it pretty good these days, and who doesn't want to make their pets a little more comfortable? I know our Newfoundland, Maya, is a new girl with a spring in her step and a few extra wags every time she comes back from the groomer with a new do. It's no surprise that people are remembering their furry little friends when it comes to the home improvement project. Check this out from an article in the latest issue of Qualified Remodeler.

“A survey by the American Animal Hospital Association found that 84 percent of pet owners say their pets make their home life healthier, so considering pets’ needs and the demands that go along with them, our clients are building special spaces for their furry friends that lead to more contained and convenient options for families.” With careful planning, there are many remodeling features that can be explored to ensure homes are more accommodating for pets and homeowners alike, says Weinberg. They include:

  • Dog showers with low-level, hand-held sprayers are often located in mud rooms or garages. These spaces, often tiled and custom-painted to suit a pet’s personality, make bathing or rinsing off muddy paws easy.
  • Feeding stations can be built into a kitchen or mud room. Wall build-outs accommodate feeding bowls and can include adequate space for the storage of food and other pet-related items, such as toys and medications. Some spaces even feature an installed water line that automatically refills the water bowl as needed.
  • Litter boxes can be discreetly located in custom cabinetry with whimsical, cat-shaped cutout entryways to help contain a kitty’s litter box area.
  • Pet doors have become elaborate with options including French doors, screen door panels, and infrared and magnetic key options.
  • Hideaways and sleeping areas can be built into laundry or foyer areas, creating peaceful and private spaces for pets to retreat.
  • Windows are being designed to be located lower to flooring so pets have excellent outdoor views, complete with personalized pet seats for four-legged friends to enjoy."

Hey, being "in the dog house" doesn't sound so bad these days.

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