What's HOT in remodeling?

I’m often asked, “What’s hot in remodeling these days?” And despite all the bad news in the building industry over the last year or so, people are still remodeling their homes. The types of projects have changed, but there are still “hot” projects going on.

Number one on the list nationally is still kitchens and baths, but the surprise move in to second position has been home improvement and home maintenance. These are smaller projects in scope that are geared for fixing more immediate issues and have relatively smaller price tags attached. They typically don’t require a large investment in time, either. Projects may last from a day to a week or two instead of a month or two with the larger projects. They tend to have more of a “utilitarian” need associated with them and they are usually focused on the home working better or more efficiently.

Some projects we’ve worked on that focus on the home’s structure have been:

Roof repairs
Roof replacements
Window replacements
Siding replacement
Deck maintenance and replacement
– many people going to maintenance-free decking

Projects that focus on the home’s performance have also been of interest to homeowners in the last year due to government incentives and rebates and higher awareness of energy efficiency. As a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Partner, we’ve seen great interest from homeowners looking to make their homes more energy efficient, many times without a large investment.

Home performance projects fall in to four main categories:

This includes appropriate levels of insulation and air sealing that eliminate drafts and give you more control over indoor air quality and temperature.

This includes identifying and eliminating potentially dangerous carbon monoxide levels due to inadequate venting of your heating system and water heater.

Preventing warm, moist air from inside the home as well as rain and external moisture from entering walls and attic spaces, causing structural damage.

Energy Efficiency
Reduce monthly heating and cooling costs.

Most companies prefer to focus only on one type of project. They are either new home builders, large-scale remodelers or home improvement remodelers. What makes Stebnitz Builders unique – aside from our dogged pursuit to be the very best listening company we can be – is our ability and willingness to work on any type of project, regardless of size and scope. We approach every project the same way - the client should always enjoy their remodeling experience.

We sincerely appreciate any opportunity to serve you or someone you may know with your new home, remodeling or home maintenance needs. Simply visit our site at www.stebnitzbuilders.com or call us at (800) 410-8027.

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