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Stebnitz Builders is a full-service, design-build remodeling firm operating in and around Walworth County and Northern Il. Instead of listing the hundreds of different services we offer, we decided to give you the highlights. Have another project in mind that’s not listed below? Chances are pretty good we do that, too. One phone call will confirm whether we are a fit for you and your home’s needs. – Read More here

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What's The Best Kitchen Design For Your Home?

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are great places to get ideas on just about anything having to do with your home, but the new kid on the block is Houzz and they are here to stay with some great articles, photos, designs and interactions with professionals around the country.


Need the name of the color used in a photo posted? Simply start a discussion and most professionals will get you the answer.

Check out the Stebnitz Builders Houzz site here.

When you find those photos of the "exact thing you were looking for", create an ideabook so you can refer to it later or share it with someone else.

This is a great article by Houzz Staff Writer, Vanessa Brunner discussing the importance of kitchen design flow matching your lifestyle.

Deciding on the right layout for your kitchen is a personal decision — each individual or family uses the kitchen differently. Think about your workflow in terms of everyday function and social use. Architect Hiromi Ogawa recommends thinking about how you use your kitchen, how many people cook there at the same time, if your kitchen is also an entertaining or social space, and what your long- and short-term goals are for the kitchen.

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When it comes to ideas for your home, make sure to add Houzz to your social media browsing.

Let us know what you think about our site, too, while you're there!


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