2016 National Day of Action Team

Stebnitz Springs in to Action at Twin Oaks Shelter

The best part of our Stebnitz Builders team is the willingness of everyone to make significant change in the community we live in. They are as generous and caring as anyone I’ve known. I am humbled daily by their acts of kindness and willingness to BE the change.

United Way of Walworth CountyThis was never more evident than our involvement with the United Way of Walworth County in the National Day of Action this summer at the Twin Oaks Homeless Shelter. Rooms were painted. Gutters cleaned. A hole in the roof was fixed. And, most importantly, a shower was renovated, giving the shelter another room for a family to stay use for temporary respite and support.

Speed and efficiency were critical. At Twin Oaks, families are given 90 days to stay at the shelter while they attempt to get back on their feet with help from counseling, job training and other support services.

twin-oaks-shelterThe key, though, is the day a family moves out, another moves in. There is a waiting list of families looking for that safety sanctuary where there’s food, a warm room to sleep and a roof over their heads.

Life’s most essential needs.

The work we performed had to be completed in one day. Residents were still occupying the units, so we painted over and around their things using drop cloths and plastic sheeting to keep them protected.

The most impressive work was completed in Unit 3. This unit had a bad situation going on with its shower. It was unusable and therefore an entire room that could have housed up to four families every year, was only being used for storage.

Southern Lake Plumbing & HeatingOur team, along with our friends from Southern Lakes Plumbing and Heating, got to work and renovated the bathroom in Unit 3 and made it a safe environment again. Today, the room is housing families and not supplies.

In one day, we were able to:

  • Paint five rooms.
  • Create a new usable room by remodeling its shower.
  • Clean all of the gutters.
  • Fix a hole in the roof.

It was certainly a team effort and a day none of us will forget anytime soon.

Twin Oaks Shelter Austin Bray and Jeff Elliott give this yellow room its first coat of white. It's amazing what a difference a simple new coat of paint can do to the feel of a room for those staying there.


Ashley Five rooms were completely repainted, including the doors that Consultant Assistant, Ashley Lofy is rolling out. Carpenters Denny Viggers (with hat) and Chris Rutledge are ready to reinstall.


Another door! Another door done - Next!


Roof Blain Voss (on the roof), cleans gutters on all the buildings at Twin Oaks.


Marc Perry Community Action Communities Director, Marc Perry, welcomed the team. It was great seeing Marc again. He is a great advocate for all the help provided by Community Action and United Way of Walworth County .

A great team helping a great organization!

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