Dan's Dream Garage - Closing In!

For those just joining us with our discussion about Dan's Dream Garage, let's bring you up to speed.

Our client is a fan of cars and when you've got great cars, you need a great place to keep them so you can look at 'em, tinker with 'em, clean 'em - and drive 'em! He came to us with his dream of adding on to his home a 6-bay garage. His challenge - he didn't want it to look like an addition. He wanted this to be an extension of his already beautiful house.

Flash to the present - The garage is closing in and getting closer to the finish line! Siding is up and ready for spring's final coat of paint, epoxy floor sealant and a new driveway in a couple of short months. Dan is excited to have the full access to his new garage, and even more, get in to the new Man-Cave! Insulation, drywall and finishes over the next couple of weeks and Dan's Dream will be a reality - something we are looking forward to showing everyone.

If you are considering a garage addition or even a smaller scale kitchen or bathroom addition, contact us to discuss your options to turning YOUR dream in to a reality. By focusing our attention on being the very best listening company with every remodeling project we complete, we ensure our clients not only love their new space, but love the experience of getting it.



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