Island Oasis Breezeway Addition

Casey & Sharon Asher transformed their garage into an island oasis that they use for entertaining all year round. From painted floors as blue as the ocean, to palm trees and a tiki bar, they love everything about the tropics and that shows throughout their garage. The problem was going from the house to the garage in the harsh, Wisconsin winters. They sat down with Chris Stebnitz and Jeff Auberger to discuss adding a breezeway addition that connected the house to the garage. The breezeway turned out seamlessly and looks like it has always been a part of the house. Now as Casey and Sharon walk from the house to the garage, they immediately get the feeling they're entering the Caribbean with the boardwalk style flooring and the coral walls.

The new breezeway now separates the backyard from the driveway. We also added a fence around the perimeter of their property. With this enclosed area their puppy can freely run around the yard.

"It was fantastic how Jeff Auberger took our simple concept idea and turned it into a design that was spot on and just fantastic"
Sharon Asher



"We look at the project as its progressing and if we see something we don't like we say something but in the case of Stebnitz we didn't have to do that. I would use them again."
Casey Asher

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