Allison's Kitchen Remodel

The Allison's Kitchen Remodel

Al and Carol Allison sat down with Stebnitz Builders and discussed their kitchen remodel project and their experience working with Stebnitz Builders and the team.

The Allison's home was built back in 1953 with a 2nd and 3rd addition making the house feel segmented. The Allison's wanted a kitchen design with an open concept and an island for friends and family to gather.  After listening to Al and Carol's wish list, we put together a design they fell in love with. When the project was completed, Stebnitz Builders was able to make a small space feel open and give the Allison's exactly what they were looking for with their new kitchen renovation!

Carole Allison"It's really wonderful to be able work with such a nice group of people" - Carol Allison.

Al Allison"We got our kitchen designed, our rooms designed and it was really a good process from the very start!"
- Al Allison.



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