Eliminate Moisture From Your Windows - Avoid Problems.

We've seen the pretty winter pictures - the warm, inviting home during a winter snowfall. The lights are on and the chimney has a trail of smoke rising from it. The windows are frosted around the edges.

Wait! The windows are frosted??

This might make for a pretty picture. In fact, some people buy the fake spray-on stuff just to get that same look. But, if your windows are collecting frost, there's nothing pretty about it. This is a bad sign! You could be facing some serious problems now and in the future.

Frost on the windows occurs when there is humidity in the air of your home and the temperature of the glass causes it to freeze. If your windows are collecting frost as the temperature drops, you need to eliminate that moisture from the windows or face bigger issues down the road, like rotting windows or dangerous mold.

Pella Windows has some great tips here on how to eliminate that moisture and avoid those problems.

  • Open window coverings — such as blinds, shades, drapes and curtains — during daylight hours to increase airflow over the glass.
  • Closely monitor the furnace humidifier and any other humidifying devices.
  • Be sure louvers and vents for the attic, basement and/or crawl space are open, adequately sized and cross-ventilated.
  • Run exhaust fans for kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms for longer periods.
  • Make sure exhaust fans vent directly outside, not into attics or crawl spaces.
  • Be sure chimneys are free and clear so moisture in combustion gases can escape.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for venting gas appliances. In most cases, that will mean directing vents to the outside of the home.
  • Make sure your furnace is in proper working order and is serviced regularly.
  • Store firewood outside or in the garage — as wood dries, it gives off moisture.
  • Install energy-efficient windows, such as those that meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines.

For more information on eliminating moisture from your home and avoiding future issues with your windows, call Stebnitz Builders for a free evaluation at (800) 410-8027.


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