Garage Truss Placement on a Windy Day in Elkhorn, WI

Safety is our #1 concern with any project!

But, we take extra care on days like this where large equipment and precision movements are critical. The winds were a bit strong, but after consulting with our crane operator, he felt safe to set the roof trusses that day.

Garage Addition Storage Trusses

The trusses we used on this garage addition are called "storage trusses" as they are designed and engineered to create a large, usable space in the attic above the garage for - as the name implies - storage. With windy conditions, our crew was extra careful about guiding the trusses in to place and securely bracing them after placement.

Full Service Remodeling Company in Southern Wisconsin

Stebnitz Builders is a full service remodeling company, based in Elkhorn, WI, serving Northern, Illinois and Southern, WI. We handle all types of home remodeling, including any exterior remodels you want done like garage addition and replacements. It is our goal to make your home remodel experience affordable and stress-free. We make sure our clients get the results and quality they want and deserve.

An addition on a garage can sometimes seem like an enormous task, but Stebnitz Builders are here to help. If you want to boost your home’s value, create additional space, or revamp your living space we want to make sure it is done the way you want, within your budget. 


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