Why Should I Hire An Interior Designer? By Guest Blogger Ann Oakes, Allied ASID


Before contacting an interior designer, take some time to think about what you want and what you need.

If you have a general concept, a trained designer will lead you through the design process.   There are many helpful resources available on the internet such as www.houzz.com which can help you to get started with your design vision.

Interior designers know the importance of listening to your ideas and understanding your needs.  As trained professionals, they are qualified to help you every step of the way, explaining their choices and adding value to your budget.

Overall, look for educated and accredited interior designers who can demonstrate their creativity and talent.  Interior design goes well beyond the scope of being a decorator.  They are trained, by listening and asking questions, to understand how your space can work in the best way possible to suit your lifestyle.

Also, don’t base your decision to hire a designer on fees alone.  There is great value to an experienced designer’s creativity and insight.  Once you sit down with a professional you’ve found a match with, he or she will create a detailed list and scope of your requirements and concepts for your space.  The designer will help you to visualize the end result and give you options that fit within your budget and timeframe.


Further reasons to work with a professional interior designer:

  1. It might sound strange that hiring someone to decorate your home would save you money since you have the additional fee of the designer, however trained professionals help you to avoid costly mistakes.  For example, even a one or two hour consultation can help you select the right paint colors and avoid the expense of a disappointing color choice.
  2. A designer can keep you on budget and save you time and effort.  A designer knows where to resource everything related to your home.  This saves clients endless research time.
  3. There are items available to the trade that are not available to the general public in terms of merchandise, resources and connections.
  4.  Qualified designers have a broad network of vendor resources including both furniture showrooms and home improvement industry contacts from upholsterers to electricians.
  5. Designer’s can provide the “WOW” factor.  They are trained to think spacially and create an overall picture.  Thinking outside of the box is what we do all day long.
  6. Designer’s have a trained eye, so meeting with the designer in person in the interior you would like transformed is critical.
  7. Hiring a professional designer will raise the bar in enhancing your space and thus your quality of life in your space.

Overall, your home is your haven and your space should reflect that.

My goal in my design work is always for my client’s to love everything we select.  I’m always happy to do as much or as little as my client’s require.  If your would like to learn more about my services, please contact me at 847.848.2655 or annoakes@me.com.  I can also be reached via my website www.annoakesdesign.com.  Look forward to hearing from you if I can be of service!

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