In-floor Radiant Heat Will Take That Chill Right Out Of You: Stebnitz Builders, Delavan, WI

I remember my college days at UW-Stevens Point when I lived in off-campus housing with my 4 buddies. It wasn't a very neat place (and not just because it was five guys in a small house. We actually had a cleaning schedule for each week. By God ONE day a week our house was going to look and smell somewhat respectable). It was an old house with a lot of, let's say, "character". One of the most interesting features was that it had little, if any, insulation in the walls. My bedroom was on the second floor and had hardwood flooring which did an amazing job of holding in ALL of the cold air my window would allow in. I'm being kind in calling it a window. You couldn't open it. You couldn't see through it. And I could feel the air coming through the edges - especially in the middle of winter. Needless to say, walking across the floor in bare feet in the morning was all you needed to wake up.

What I wouldn't have given for a nice pair of warm slippers or some in-floor radiant heat!

I spoke with Kevin O'Leary from O'Leary Plumbing and Heating in East Troy at the Grand New Home and Remodeling Expo at the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa last weekend and got the scoop on how this stuff really works. Here's the interview.

For those who couldn't make it to the Expo, I spoke with a few of the industry partners we work with, like O'Leary, and brought back some great info. Check back on the blog in the upcoming days for more interviews.

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