Ready to Renovate?

4 Things To Know BEFORE you Remodel

So you think you’re ready to renovate? We can help. But remodeling doesn’t start with a sledge hammer. It starts with research and planning. Below are four ways to get started:

#1 Find the Right Contractor
 The contractor you select will be your trusted expert, not only carrying out your vision, but troubleshooting possible problems along the way. You also need a contractor who listens. Why? Because missed communication is costly and compromises your vision.


#2 Budget Enough & Wisely
IMG_3245HGTV remodeling shows are enjoyable to watch, but don’t always paint a realistic picture. The average homeowner isn’t going to get a breathtaking, big-reveal moment on a $5,000 kitchen remodel. Experts also caution homeowners to take into account the costs of remodeling in relation to value of their home and others in the neighborhood.


#3 Create a Vision
Yes, it’s fun to save Pinterest posts. But Pinterest inspires, it doesn’t create. Working with an experienced contractor, who really knows how to listen, is key to making the vision of your dreams the reality you live with. So you want a cottage kitchen? What is cottage, to you? You want a spa-like bathroom? What does that mean, to you?


# 4 Be PreparedPRICING
Remodeling isn’t easy. You may have to get inventive if your kitchen or a bathroom is unavailable for a period of time. Some homeowners opt to take vacations during the most intense days of construction. But in the end, if you have the right contractor guiding you through every phase of the project, it’s all worth it.


Just ask Collette, a recent Stebnitz client, from Lake Geneva. “Working with such seasoned professionals was a pleasant and rewarding experience,” she says. “They listen to your ideas, mix in their expertise and create a vision of perfection.”


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