Recapping a Summer of Growth for our Youth Apprentices



We’re so fortunate to have some of the finest carpenters on our team. But we recognize it takes growth from within to maintain that team over time. It’s for this reason, we spend a significant amount of time developing young people interested in the remodeling industry.

We visit schools around the county to present our youth apprenticeship program to students interested in learning more about our industry. This year, we selected two outstanding young men to join our team: Max Bochat and Logan Lindloff. To read more about them, click their link to read the introduction articles we wrote.

Max was the first apprentice we brought on to our team last spring. When he joined our team, he was finishing up his high school education at Elkhorn Area High School. He wanted to join our team to gain the real-life experience he would use in a future career of teaching high school technical education. However, Max's goals changed after he realized just how much he loved carpentry. He is now planning to pursue a technical degree for carpentry at Waukesha County Technical College this school year while working continuing to work part-time on our team.


"It's basically like a small family working here."


At 6’4”, Max has a towering presence that served him well during his years playing right tackle for the Elkhorn Elks. He recognizes the power a team (or an offensive line) can have when they are in lock step toward a common goal. Gathering as a team is an important part of developing those relationships and understanding the goals.

We have several opportunities through the year to bring the team together, from our annual “Stebnitz Builders Brewers Tour”, to tailgate lunches, holiday parties and, of course, our regular bi-weekly payroll meetings. Max says these gatherings have allowed him to feel comfortable asking questions on the jobsite and motivated him to learn as much as possible from the experienced carpenters on his team.

The culture from the top, down assured Max that his decision to change career paths was the right choice. “It’s basically like a small family, working here,” Max explained.


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We are excited to see the progress that Max makes while continuing his education. He is already showing off the skills he learned this summer in the classroom as he is leading small groups of his classmates through some of the construction practices.


Logan joined us this summer from Williams Bay High School. He is the youngest member on our team. While most students start thinking about their career goals later in high school, Logan knew he wanted to experience what it was like to be a carpenter while only a sophomore. With the help of our Youth Apprentice Program, Logan was able to get that real-life experience, working with a team of professionals in the field.

He said his time with us this summer solidified carpentry as an option following high school. In fact, Logan rearranged his class schedule next year to continue working with us in throughout the school year.


"I think that's what makes it... the guys I work with. They all were willing to teach me."


When we make our rounds to the schools in the area and talk to students about joining our apprenticeship program, our pitch is not only on the skills they will learn, but the people they will be learning from. Logan confirmed this. He credits the relationships he formed with his team in the field as the reason he learned so much. “I think that’s what makes it … the guys I work with. They all were willing to teach me,” he said.

Logan said the willingness of everyone on the team to take the time and teach him the things they were doing, was a great help in learning. Having the support of people with decades of experience on the job gave him the confidence to build his own skills.


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Logan recently started back to school, playing middle linebacker on the football team at the Bay. With his fall schedule set, he can continue to work on his craft with us while he finishes high school, with the goal of solidifying his career path following high school.

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