The Value of a Warranty



Trust can make or break a company. The internet affords happy – and disgruntled – buyers a large platform to voice their support, and their displeasure.


In a 2018 Gallup poll, 20% of respondents rated their trust in building contractors “low” or “very low”. Home improvement is ranked in the Top 5 for services with the most written complaints. So, it’s no wonder the lack of trust in contractors can make choosing one a nerve-racking decision for most people. Many homeowners we’ve met have told us they simply decided against improving their homes for fear of hiring the wrong contractor. No one wants to be the next story they read about the homeowner taken advantage of or left holding the bag at the end of the project.


One of the many ways we eliminate that fear and instill confidence in us as our clients’ contractor of choice, is by offering an industry-leading, five-year warranty on every project we complete.


Does a warranty guarantee a successful project? No.


The warranty is the safety net in our process. Installing quality products with great craftsmanship and planning provides us the security our projects will perform as intended for as long as we expect them to perform. However, this doesn’t mean issues can’t arise or products fail to live up to our expectations, in those rare instances.


For this reason, we offer our industry-leading, five-year warranty on every renovation we complete for our clients.


Our track record is proof that when you integrate a well-designed plan with quality products and award-winning craftsmanship, problems all but vanish from the equation. It makes it pretty easy to stand behind our projects for a full, five years when you have that kind of control over a successful project and experience.


If you are looking for peace of mind with your next project, call us at (262) 723-7232 or fill out our contact form to begin the conversation. Ask us about our warranty and how our process supports it.



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