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Stebnitz Builders has been working with homeowners to make their homes more comfortable and affordable for the last couple years, by completing a Home Energy Audit and implementing the necessary changes to their home.

The cost of the energy audit varies by the size of your home, but almost always, we've found the cost of NOT doing the test and allowing energy loss to continue to mount, would far outpace the cost of a quick Energy Audit.

Check out what WE Energies has to say on their Focus on Energy website:

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program.
Many existing homes in Wisconsin have problems related to moisture, condensation, drafty rooms, ice dams, mold, and high utility bills—which indicate the home may not have proper insulation, and/or is not at the level of safety, health, and comfort it could be.

Work with a consultant partnering with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program help to identify the cause of those problems, and provide recommendations for getting them fixed. By completing a home evaluation you not only receive a more comfortable and energy efficient home, but you can receive Cash-Back Rewards for completing all or part of the work!

As the weather continues to get colder, now is the time to seal up those leaky areas you may not even know exist by having a Home Energy Audit performed. Start saving money today by contacting Stebnitz Builders at 800.410.8027. We're ready to listen.

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