Dan's "Dream Garage". If you can dream it, we can build it.

What do you do when your favorite hobby is too far away to enjoy all the time? Move closer to your hobby, or bring it back home with you?

Our client, Dan Brost has a passion for cars. If you love cars like Dan does, you want to have them right with you to look at, tinker with, clean up, maintain, show off and even drive once-in-a-while. But, if you don't have room for them and they're stored somewhere else, you're stuck thinking about them while you're at home. For Dan, he'd had enough. He wanted his cars where they belonged. HOME!

And so our journey began. Dan didn't want a simple pole shed or out-building for his cars. He wanted his cars to have a home that could be incorporated in to his home, keeping the beauty his home brought to the the property.

This what the home looked like before we started.

A great home in the county - all it needs is a little more space for the dream to be complete!

This garage space just ain't going to cut it.
Let's triple it!

Here are the plans we created that will allow Dan's cars to finally come home.


Three double-bay garages with a garage entrance located on the back of the house will give Dan the space he needs for his cars and toys and tie in nicely with the original look of the home.

Existing and new roof lines compliment each other beautifully and add additional dimension to Dan's home.


Footings, foundation and walls are poured. After the floor is poured and allowed to cure, we'll start on the framing of the addition.

Follow our blog for regular updates to this unique project. The Dream Garage is on its way, Dan!


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