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Our computers are such a major part of our lives today that scammers and spammers are coming up with new sophisticated ways to steal your money, your identity or just make life miserable by trashing your computer, every day.

Our IT people at The Computer Center are on the ball with alerts regarding the latest scams, traps and viruses. The email we received today exposed two detailed and complex scams that have even the most experienced users second-guessing. The goal - get you to believe something's wrong with your computer that must be fixed before it's too late. It's so good, it's even got some of the more tech savvy people second-guessing.

The best way to protect yourself from these traps is to know what's out there before they get to you. Below are two links to these two dangerous scams.

The last tip is, when in doubt, refuse the help and either Google the request to see if it's legit or call your local IT company to get the safest and most complete answer.


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