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Stebnitz Builders is a full-service, design-build remodeling firm operating in and around Walworth County and Northern Il. Instead of listing the hundreds of different services we offer, we decided to give you the highlights. Have another project in mind that’s not listed below? Chances are pretty good we do that, too. One phone call will confirm whether we are a fit for you and your home’s needs. – Read More here

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How to Install Patio Door Installation in Delavan, WI by Stebnitz Builders

Stebnitz Builders carpenters, Chad Maass and James Krahn show you exactly how to install a new patio door, getting a good seal and energy efficient.

This quick video shows how to install a patio door the correct way, with proper flashing and caulking. The 9' Kolbe aluminum clad patio door was replacing the old, rotted wood door we took out. This new patio door will give the homeowners a much more energy efficient door that operates as it should and will have a maintenance free exterior.

Stebnitz Builders completes all types of remodeling projects in and around Walworth County, Southeastern WI and Northern Illinois from whole house remodeling to handyman renovations. For a free diagnosis on your home's project, call us at 800.410.8027 or visit our website at

We'll be here - ready to listen.

It's not just the large, photo-ready projects that we're called to complete. Often times, we're needed for more modest home maintenance projects like replacing a patio door that's rotted and not operating as it should. Whether your project is large or small, Stebnitz Builders is only a phone call away.


We'll be here, ready to listen.


Stebnitz Builders


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