New Kitchen Remodel in Williams Bay, WI

Trophy Kitchen

Our clients had a very comfortable getaway home in Williams Bay. But, like the wall of fame that displayed the memorable fish they’d landed over the years, their kitchen needed to be rearranged and refreshed to better serve the friends and family they looked to host.



The gallery-style kitchen was small and blocked off to the rest of the home. It was very restrictive when friends and family gathered. It needed a new layout to accommodate more people, more comfortably. This required a change to the footprint of the adjoining great room and entryway.


Walls were removed and modified to accept the larger kitchen layout and integrate seamlessly with the great room and entryway, creating a warm and comfortable area where our clients could now entertain and interact at the same time – no longer hidden away in the tight quarters of their old kitchen.

And of course ... We made plenty of room to display their wall of fame with room to add even more memories.

The New Kitchen Included:


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